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NeoGraft Doctor Kissimmee

Hair loss is one of the parts of aging that you have no control over. And just like any other signs of aging, it does not only affect the physical aspect of the individual but it also has in impact his/her self-confidence. But the good thing is that we have now the NeoGraft doctor Kissimmee to help you address hair loss and baldness with NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System.

The NeoGraft procedure utilizes pneumatic pressure controls to harvest individual hair follicles with precision. The extracted individual hair follicles can then be transplanted immediately to the selected areas of the scalp. This is a “No Touch” implantation procedure, which means no scalp incisions. If you are experiencing hair loss, visit the NeoGraft doctor Kissimmee right away for consultation.

Top NeoGraft Doctor Kissimmee Owns
Orlando Hair Clinic

Top NeoGraft doctor Kissimmee, Dr. Junaid Syed, owns Orlando Hair Clinic, which is the leading center of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair restoration in Florida. But other than this treatment, the clinic also offers two of the latest procedures- ACell treatment and NeoGraft. All the treatment procedures offered in the hair restoration are approved by the FDA and are guaranteed safe and effective.

Aside from having a truly reliable and proficient NeoGraft doctor Kissimmee, we also take pride in having gilt-edged equipments that aid our doctor in doing the treatment procedures. Plus we have got amiable staff members who are always ready to accommodate you. So if you are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss problems, do not hesitate to visit Orlando Hair Clinic as soon as possible.

Best Treatment Approach for Hair Loss and Baldness

If alopecia is in your genes and you are starting to experience hair loss, the best thing to do is to visit the hair restoration expert at Orlando Hair Clinic. It is one of the most trusted and reputable hair loss treatment centers in Florida. They offer the latest, safest and the most effective treatment approaches for hair thinning and hair loss.