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African American Hair Transplant

jGraft is the only FDA approved follicular unit harvesting and implantation system in the United States and is now available at Orlando Hair Clinic.
african american hair transplant

African American Hair Transplant

The specialists say that there is a remarkable difference between the African American hairline and the Caucasian hairline. African Americans require more attention due to their different quality of hair. Their hair can easily damage because of their hair texture.

The specialists discovered different techniques and processes for African American hair restoration. A hair transplant is beneficial for African American patients. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available for both Caucasian and African American.

African American curly hair needs excellent care and attention during a hair transplant. So the patients should choose an experienced and well-qualified surgeon like Dr. J He is an American certificate holder and having 20 years of experience serving in Orlando Hair Clinic based in Florida.

african american hair transplant near me

Best Procedure for African American

There are two main and famous procedures are performed for hair transplant in different institutions. Hair transplant patients of Africa America require thicker and curlier follicles. Different surgeons recommend various methods for hair restoration; some prefer FUT, while others support FUE to ensure the capability of the graft for transplantation.

FUT is not as suitable for all types of African American hair transplant patients. Some African American hair transplant patients require a short cut style, and in this style, hair is short, so they cannot hide the scar that occurs after the FUT procedure.

FUE is considered more suitable for African American hair transplant patients. It is a scare-free procedure. FUE procedure has not any visible scars after the surgery FUE offers better coverage of hair follicles. It is a pain free procedure. FUE is the best procedure for having the best results in a single session.

African American Hair Restoration

Hair loss and baldness are a great and widespread problem facing by Africans. Some patients having hair problems prefer to shave their hair while other think that there is no treatment of their hair loss.

Dr J is performing hair restoration of African American patients having different problems. Surgery of African hair transplant might be challenging for the physician. The African hairline is more straight and front-temporal as compare to non-Africans.

It can be challenging to manage curliness of hair shaft. Only skilled and well-educated surgeons like Dr. J in Orlando Hair Clinic can offer you the best treatment.

Orlando Hair Clinic

Orlando Hair Clinic Florida has a well-trained staff and specialized surgeons like Dr. J, who are serving their patients day and night. Dr. J gives his attention and care to his patients. In Orlando Hair Clinic, widespread and chronic problems facing by African American hair transplant patients like Traction Alopecia, Cicatricle Alopecia is also treated in a lovely way.

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Before performing African American hair restoration patient should be met to his surgeon. The patient should discuss every problem related to his hair; the surgeon should be aware of his /her patient’s questions. You can contact us for an appointment or further information. Contact us (407) 853-2676

The transplanted hair started growing mostly between 5 to 12 months after the surgery.
Yes, the transplanted hair is permanent. You never lose your transplanted hair.
Hair transplant can look completely natural if you go to a talented and well-qualified physician.
There’re no age restrictions after the age of 21. One can have hair transplant when it’s needed. Restriction applies due to past or current medical conditions.

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