Hair Loss Treatment in Orlando for Men

The best hair loss treatment for men in Orlando is available at the Orlando Hair Clinic.

men’s hair loss problems

Men’s Hair Loss Problems

Losing hair can be a traumatic event for men. The average male starts to lose 20 hairs per day at the age of 35. This makes treatments essential to prevent baldness and restore your confidence with thicker, healthier locks!

Treatment Options for Men

At Orlando Hair Clinic, we offer two options for restoring your thick head of hair: non-surgical treatment or hair transplant. Our clinic is located in Orlando Florida and has been rated as one of the top clinics by Google with 5-star ratings! We are here to help you find which restoration option works best for you, so contact us today at 407-853-2677 to book an appointment

What We offer

First, our team of experts will look at your hair and scalp to determine the best course of treatment. We offer free consultations so you can be sure you are making the best decision for your hair and budget. We also offer a 25% discount on all of our treatments, so don’t wait! Whether you need a Non-Surgical Hair Treatment or Hair Transplant, Orlando Hair Clinic can get you back to feeling confident about your hair. Contact us today! 407-855-2677.

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