STEM Cells for Hair Restoration

STEM cells are undifferentiated cells in the body that have the potential to transform into different types of specialized cells. These cells have the capability to self-renew and develop into several types of cells, including muscle cells, neuron cells, bone cells, and blood cells.

Hair loss is recently a very common issue affecting many individuals, and existing treatments are usually ineffective. However, research has shown that STEM Cells can encourage hair growth and restore hair in people facing hair loss.

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STEM Cells Hair Restoration Procedure at Orlando Hair Clinic

STEM cell hair restoration is a relatively recent treatment that uses STEM cells to encourage hair growth in areas that have experienced hair loss. The following methods are usually employed for the procedure:

A tiny tissue sample from the patient’s scalp containing hair follicles is extracted. A biopsy punch, a tiny instrument that can harvest a small circular piece of tissue, is typically utilized for this purpose. The tissue sample is then treated to separate the STEM cells, which have the ability to differentiate into multiple cell types, including hair follicle cells.

The separated STEM Cells are then injected into the patient’s scalp near areas of hair loss. Injections are often performed with a microneedle, which is a tiny needle that may enter the skin without producing significant damage. STEM Cells encourage the development of new hair follicles in the treated area over time, resulting in increased hair growth and density.

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Benefits of STEM Cell Hair Restoration

STEM cell hair restoration is a process that uses Stem cells to encourage hair growth and restore hair health in people who have lost their hair. Here are some of the specific benefits of this procedure:

Natural hair growth: The Stem cell hair regrowth process harvests Stem cells from the patient’s own body, such as bone marrow or adipose tissue. This signifies that hair growth is entirely natural, without any use of chemicals.

Safe and minimally invasive: STEM cell hair restoration is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, where STEM Cells are extracted from the patient’s own body and injected into the scalp without undergoing any surgery.

Minimal Healing and recovery time: This procedure is minimally invasive, therefore healing and recovery time of this treatment is lesser as compared to other hair restoration treatments.

Long-term results: STEM Cell hair restoration provides long-lasting results, STEM Cells encourage fresh hair follicle growth, which is helpful in the continued growth and production of hair for an extended period of time.

Customizable treatment: The procedure can be customized according to the patient’s hair loss pattern and requirements, which is a more effective and focused treatment.

STEM Cell Hair Restoration near me in Florida.

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STEM Cells are helpful in the regrowth of hair, STEM cells enhance follicle development, regenerate and also repair damaged hair follicles.
STEM Cells are fetched from the bone marrow, brain, blood, skin, and fatty tissues.
It’s a minimally invasive procedure and no downtime is associated with the procedure, only patients are advised to make a family member available to take them back as sometimes patients need oral tranquilizers or pain relievers.
STEM Cells are able to differentiate the types of cells and can repair and heal damaged and injured cells in the body. STEM Cells are used to treat different injuries and medical conditions due to the ability to locate the damage and work on it.

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